Supporting customers

Today the Westpac Group supports 13.8 million customers across its main markets. The honour of being the Bank’s first official customer goes to John Harris, one of the Bank’s founding Directors, who deposited £138 on the day the Bank of New South Wales opened, 8 April 1817.


From buying a home to starting and growing a business, we’re helping customers achieve their goals.

$427bn in Australian home loans and NZ$47bn in New Zealand home loans

$487bn of customer deposits

$151bn in loans to Australian businesses and NZ$29bn in loans to New Zealand businesses

$1,068m in life insurance in-force premiums

John Harris, the first customer of the Bank of New South Wales

John Harris, one of the Bank’s founding Directors, was the first official customer of the Bank of New South Wales.

Image of John Harris courtesy of the collections of the State Library of NSW.
1. Across the Australian branch network.

Supporting shareholders

Westpac’s 630,000 shareholders include many Australian individuals and super funds but back in 1817 it was 39 merchants, professionals and craftsmen who provided the capital to establish the Bank of New South Wales. Between them they acquired 200 shares, each worth £100, to provide a total nominal capital of £20,000 to start the Bank.


Common equity tier 1 capital ratio of 10.6%, exceeding APRA’s ‘unquestionably strong’ benchmark

Liquidity coverage ratio 124%

Gross impaired assets to gross loans 0.22%

Increased by 7% on Full Year 2016.
Full Year 2017 dividends totalled 188 cents per share, unchanged from Full Year 2016.
Cash earnings 3% higher.
D’Arcy Wentworth’s receipt for £75

D’Arcy Wentworth’s receipt for £75, paid as his second instalment for his shares in the Bank of New South Wales.

  1. Based on a closing share price on 29 September 2017 of $31.92.
  2. Special dividends.

Supporting employees

Employing 39,011 people, the Westpac Group is seeking to create a diverse, high-performing workforce where the best people want to work. Our first employee was 23-year-old Joseph Hyde Potts who was paid £25 a year and provided a weekly ration to serve as ‘porter and servant’. He was required to sleep on the Bank’s premises. Potts served the company for 22 years.

Westpac employees wearing the new corporate wardrobe

In 2017, to mark Westpac’s bicentennial year, a new Westpac wardrobe was introduced. Designed by fashion icon Carla Zampatti, in partnership with over 200 Westpac employees, the collection reflects the Westpac Group’s inclusion and diversity commitments and takes into account the diverse climates and style preferences of employees.

Female officers at the Bank of New South Wales Rose Bay branch, 1942

In 1934, the Bank’s first uniform was introduced. Only for women, it was designed by Dorothy Davidson, wife of the General Manager at the time, Alfred Davidson.

Female officers at the Bank of New South Wales Rose Bay branch, 1942.
  1. 35,096 full time equivalent employees.
  2. Women in Leadership refers to the proportion of women (permanent and maximum term) in leadership roles across the Group. It includes the CEO, Group Executives, General Managers, senior leaders with significant influence on business outcomes (direct reports to General Managers and their direct reports), large (3+) team people leaders three levels below General Manager, and Bank and Assistant Bank Managers.

Supporting communities

From its first days Westpac has always been at the heart of the communities in which it operates, sharing in the highs and lows.

When adversity has hit, whether it be flood, fire or hard times, the Bank has been there to support its customers and communities.


Westpac Bicentennial Foundation is supporting 100 scholars every year in perpetuity


Businesses of Tomorrow that are shaping Australia’s future were recognised


Participants in financial education


Total committed exposure to CleanTech and environmental services sector


Lending to social and affordable housing sector


Community contributions


Charitable donations by employees, matched dollar-for-dollar by Westpac

A gold escort leaves the Bank of New South Wales Georgetown branch for Croydon, Queensland

Our first branch opened in Moreton Bay (now known as Brisbane) in 1850 and our latest branch was proudly opened, just across the river, in South Bank in July 2017.

A gold escort leaves the Bank of New South Wales Georgetown branch for Croydon, Queensland.
  1. Federal Budget 2016–2017.
All dollar amounts are Australian dollars unless otherwise indicated.
All numbers are on a cash earnings basis and are for the 12 months ended 30 September 2017 unless otherwise indicated. All comparisons are against results for the 12 months ended 30 September 2016 unless otherwise indicated.

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